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closed How to use my laptop QWERTY keyboard as MIDI input?

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asked Jul 1 in Studio One 4 by johndyer4 (160 points)
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I'm converting from Logic Pro, where to use my keyboard as a controller, I simply click Window > View Onscreen Keyboard (if I remember correctly), and a little piano keyboard pops up with the QWERTY keys mapped out on the keys, and that's it.

I've added the Presonus QWERTY keyboard in Devices, but when I try typing to control Presence, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

I'm on a Samsung Notebook 9 2-in-1 laptop running Windows 10
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answered Jul 1 by gregdenson (6,970 points)
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1. Change the input device to QWERTY

2. Click on setting icon

3. Choose QWERTY from dropdown menu

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answered Jul 2 by danielcrey (140 points) 1 flag

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