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SUGGESTION: Audio Alignment and Pitch Alignment

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asked Jul 15, 2019 in Editing by antoniodaniels (140 points)
Simple is best. Revoice is powerful (I have that) , and so is Melodyne (maybe less powerful ).

But what is needed is this: 1) Highlight audio tracks, Right Click, Select Align Time.  2) Highlight audio tracks, Right Click, Select Align Pitch and Time.   

A potential option would be to pop up a window that let you select the "guide" track. The other highlighted tracks would be the assumed targets.

It should be a 1 step process. MAYBE 2 steps if you need to be able to select the guide track from the highlighted tracks.

PLEASE. Revoice is impressive...but really...very few people need to do what it can do. It's a hammer. We need a precision fly swatter.

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