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Can Studio One receive and route multiple midi channels from a VST out to hardware?

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asked Jul 22, 2019 in Studio One 4 by samhaskin (120 points)
I'm strongly considering moving from Ableton Live to Studio one for a long list of reasons, but there is one semi-arcane feature that would make or break the decision for me.

I've been doing most of my authoring in NI Maschine, including sequencing some external hardware. My ideal workflow would be to author all of that in Maschine standalone, but then take it into a DAW as a VST when it's time to record and mix. To do that, the DAW has to be able to receive multiple channels of midi from the Maschine VST and route them each on to my midi interface. Ableton can receive the midi, but for whatever reason won't differentiate between the channels, so all the note and CC data gets jammed together in an omni channel. I guess they never thought that a VST would be sending multiple midi channels out at the same time.

Can someone tell me if Studio One capable of receiving and differentiating multiple midi channels from a single VST instance? I tried playing with a free version of the Artist edition that I got with an audio interface a while back, but since it doesn't have VST support I couldn't see. I also guess because I have that installed a registered I can't download a trial of Pro edition.

Any thoughts?

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