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Allow Multi-Instruments to Receive on Multiple MIDI Channels, not Just Channel 1

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asked Apr 4 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by robertgray3 (16,990 points)
edited Apr 6 by robertgray3

Couldn't find this feature request so I decided to request it. This popular one doesn’t actually mention multiple input channels.

For people who use multi-timbral instruments such as Kontakt or Structure within a Multi-Instrument, there isn't currently a way to transmit MIDI notes on different channels into the Multi-Isntrument container.

This would be much appreciated as it allows for more creative possibilities and more efficient storing / recalling of instrument setups, such as a template of a Piano / Bass / Guitar / Drums setup that you consistently use.

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answered Apr 5 by gottfriedbergmair (7,800 points)
selected Apr 6 by robertgray3
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I have voted up your request.

Here is a nice feature request about multi-timbral instruments using a multi-instrument:

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answered Apr 5 by robertgray3 (16,990 points)
Thanks Gottfried! Nice FR to mention, I had voted up that request previously but I noticed that it didn't mention/request multiple MIDI inputs so I added this one