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Digimax FS 1818VSL Studio One 4 artist Windows 10 Home

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asked Jul 25, 2019 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by louisesparza (120 points)

I just picked up a second hand Digimax FS 8, I don't see its I/O in Studio one and I don't see it in Universal Control. I have it connected to an 1818 VSL via BNC for the word clock and the 1-8 adat out on the 1818vsl to the the 1-8 adat in on the FS and the 1-8 adat out on the FS to the 1-8 adat in on the 1818vsl. I am using the 1818vsl as the master because all of my sessions are already done on its clock. Is there a driver or an update in Universal Control for the FS that I should have? I have a gig coming up and this is part of the set up PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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