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What controls the LEVEL, PAN, and DYN & EQ LEDs in the center of the 24.4.2 FAT channel?

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asked Aug 18, 2019 in Classic Mixers by alexstagg (150 points)
The original 24.4.2 manual, nor the AI series manual describes these red LEDs. They are located near the center of the FAT channel above and between the rotary encoders 11 through 14. We have a firewire output to a Mac running Universal Control, and recording with (I think) Digital Performer.

The DYN & EQ LED is now lit for all selected channels. One of our techs thinks this has been lit for the last two weeks, which corresponds to right after we moved the firewire interface to a different computer and added the UC software.

Any information regarding these LEDs would be helpful.

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answered Aug 21, 2019 by alandarcy (2,610 points)
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HI There,

The 'Level' LED is activated when 'Mix' is selected and you want to send level to aux 1via the encoders.

The 'Pan' LED is activated when two aux mixes are linked and you press 'Mix/Pan' to control the panning for say a performers IEMs.

The 'Dyn & EQ' LED allow you to control Dynamics and Equalization for an input channel or an Aux channel.

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