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recording midi output from ez drummer in studio one 4 professional

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asked Aug 21, 2019 in Studio One by robertmarshall3 (510 points)
Hey folks, hoping theres something silly I'm missing here:

I have EZ Drummer running as VST in Studio One 4 Pro, all latest versions, works great as plugin but I am trying to improve my songwriting workflow.  I would like to be able to "play" the drum kit on the screen with my mouse, as I run through a loop, and record the midi events of my "clicking" - hoping to see MIDI events corresponding to the individual drums or cymbals.  Essentially I want to use the on-screen user interface as a MIDI controller.  I have MIDI Out enabled in EZD but I am not seeing any activity in MIDI Monitor, nor can I seem to capture anything.  

Am I trying to do something EZD just doesn't support, or do I have something setup wrong in Studio One or EZD?  Anyone else doing this?

Thanks in advance  


1 Answer

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answered Aug 21, 2019 by robertmarshall3 (510 points)
OK so now I feel kinda dumb.  But also a bit confused.

Bottom line, if I set the Instrument Track input to "EZ drummer", the MIDI events record perfectly.  Solved.

BUT...if the I set the track input to "All Inputs" (which one would assume includes EZ Drummer, as well as the other choices listed)...then no MIDI events are recorded.  Whats the story?

Studio One macOS x64