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Generating stems for multiple tracks at once using Pipeline

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asked Sep 10, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by nneilmctavish (610 points)
I have a hardware tube compressor that I love to run tracks through, sometimes all of my tracks.

I'll set up and instance of PipelineXT on every track. If I want to generate stems for all of my tracks, S1 doesn't mute the instance of Pipeline on the tracks that are not being stemmed like S1 does for plugins. Sure, it mutes the other tracks, but it doesn't disengage the instance of Pipeline on these tracks. But then again, perhaps it does but I'm missing a setting somewhere! LOL.

Anyway, if I could have an instance of PipelineXT routed to my outboard compressor on every track and have PipelineXT instances engaged and disengaged as S1 stems the tracks while I go to bed, that would be the bomb!! It would save me a ton of time. Right now I have to stem 1 track at a time and it takes forever.

Thanks for a great DAW.


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