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How to use pipeline in Studio One 4 with StudioLive 32SC

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asked Mar 18, 2020 in StudioLive Series III by houdesk (120 points)

How do I use a Pipeline plugin in Studio One (4) to interact with external hardware via my StudioLive 32SC in DAW mode?  Here's what I've got

  1. I have the Mix outs 9+10 of the StudioLive mixer wired to the inputs of my external hardware. 
  2. Within Studio One Song Setup I have added a Stereo output and selected channels 9+10
  3. I added a pipeline send and selected the stereo output on channels 9+10
I do not see any signal going to my external hardware...
However, if I take studio one out of the equation and create a stereo mix group on channels 9+10 on just the mixer and then run some signal through the mixer, I can see it registering in the external I know the wiring is fine...
Thanks in advance

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