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Third party VSTs load from a redundant preset menu everytime I hit STOP. How do I circumvent?

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asked May 6, 2020 in Studio One 4 by scottbort1 (120 points)
To give an example, I have the software version of the Korg M1. Studio One 4 has a drop down tab located in the upper right corner. This is left blank in every first party VST as far as I know. In the case of M1, it loads the combo instrument presets off of (virtual) card 1. No matter what changes I make, or how I open a saved preset, Studio One reloads the first option ("Filmscore") from that list. Even if I pick a different option from that list, it goes back to the first option. The standalone M1 remembers my changes. How do I edit, bypass, or simply remove this tab?

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