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Can 't change the bitrate

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asked Sep 23, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by alexandrkorotin (130 points)
I have presonus Studio 24c audio interface. In universal control , when I try to change the bitrate higher than 41.1khz it goes back after 1 second or immediatly  .  I can only change it in my DAW , with DAW bitrate set to the same sample rate. Otherwise , it is going to be dropping back to 41khz every time i change it. What's the solution for this? I know my pc supports it because i used it with other audio interface and it worked fine.

PC specs: 8 gig ram, intel core i3 9100F @3.6GHZ

windows 10.
Thank you !

1 Answer

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answered Apr 2 by lukamatkovi (140 points)

First of all, what you're trying to change is not bit rate, but sample rate.

Go to Start > Sound Settings > Sound Control Panel
Select Main Out 1/2 and click Properties. Go to the Advanced tab. From there, you can change Windows' default sound formatting. This is the setting that overrides your interface's drivers when playing regular audio in your OS.

Hope this helps.