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Studio One: Export to text for ADR

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asked Sep 26, 2019 in Editing by hans-erikzweidorff (1,340 points)

In addition to music I also work in post production doing translations, casting, recording, editing and mixing for TV, movies, commercials etc.

Today I use Studio One for every music related productions. For everything else I use Pro Tools Ultimate together with EdiCue and EdiPrompt (Sounds In Sync) for manus, printing documents from the session and displaying text for the actors.

For my work flow there is not much needed to be developed for Studio One to be able to switch to Studio One also for my post work.

I just need to be able to export song information to a text file. I need a TAB or CSV delimited text file including :

  • Track Name
  • Events names
  • Start time for each events
  • End times for each event

Another possibility is to support one or more of the formats that Sounds In Sync supports:

  • TAB or CSV Delimited Text file
  • Microsoft Excel file
  • ADR Studio XML file
  • Media Composer Marker XML file
I believe this will be a great step for PreSonus to implement.

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answered Dec 18, 2019 by mbmmusic (580 points)
edited Dec 18, 2019 by mbmmusic
I'm working in the same field and have experience with different Takers and ADRs. I recently developed some custom solutions which I am not allowed to share. Sorry. :-(

But the problem is, Presonus song-files are binary and closed source (as far as I know). The same as with all the others DAWs. Give me a file I can read or a DLL, module, class, API, or whatever to convert it and I write you some pretty converter or module, or (put your wish here)...

A Taker and/or ADR would actually be a piece of cake to integrate in a software like Studio One. Because, except for roles, takes, text, take-types, multi-punch-ins in one take (for e.g. overlapping dialog) and some video overlay, it's already all there. Maybe some RS-422 and GPI/O. But that's about it.

And yeah, by the way. I am a developer myself. - Looking for a new job by the way. :-)