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Please expand export options: Export selected events separately, export length of project automatically.

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asked Apr 1, 2023 in Editing by arthurtisseront (320 points)
I am a dialogue editor, and currently while studio one has a great set of features and workflow for basic mixing it's entirely lacking in any options to support editing a large amount of individual files rather than just a single, simple mix. For example, if I've cut up a set of media items in Reaper, I can simply select "render selected items via master" and it will bulk-render every individual item, with its respective name or auto-name, making rendering split lines of dialogue very quick and easy. I'd love to have features like this in S1 so I can further consolidate my workflow.

In addition, not being able to simply one-click render and needing to manually select a loop length every time the length of a mix slightly changes is annoying and I would love an auto-detect for the length of the project so I can just do one-click exports for simple stuff.

Thanks for considering this request!