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Timestretch Improvement: Stretching from Event Start/Change Playrate/Drag the events to pitch up/down

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asked Nov 6, 2019 in Editing by antoinegrelet (10,150 points)
Some suggestions about timestretch features:

- Stretching from Event Start: Actually we can only stretch an event from the end of an event. It could be nice to do the same thing from the start.

- Change Playrate: What I mean by Playrate -> Timeshift + Pitchshift. It could be done by draging the start/end of an event or modify the data in the event inspector (like Speedup, Transpose etc).

- Drag the events to pitch up/down: Combining with an quick action, it could be nice to modify the tonality of an event. With a key command, clicking in a specific event zone, like the volume handle.

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answered Nov 10, 2019 by leonordmann (1,800 points)
I would add to that:
- new formant parameters
- a grain stretch mode like abletons texture mode
- automatable parameters for stretch section like pitch formant, grain size.

 As a glitch /psychedelic producer I'm really missing those features.