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SampleOne and pitch/timestretch instead of just playing faster

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asked Oct 30, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by grafstefan (410 points)

lets assume i download a bass sample from Splice and i want to write a bass line with it. So in StudioOne i load it in Sample One. When playing this on the keyboard, Sample One just plays the sample faster or slower to pitch it. This is not what sounds good. Is there an option to pitch AND timestretch?

Workaround (but veeery cumbersome) is, to load the sample on a audio track, copy the sample a couple of times and pitch it. there the length remains the same. Then put it back into sample one.

There was a request for that two years ago:

Is there a solution for that? or planed?



2 Answers

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answered Nov 1, 2018 by koshal (2,220 points)
Activate "Follow Song Tempo" in SampleOne XT to enable timestretch
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answered Nov 2, 2018 by grafstefan (410 points)
Thanks! Why seek far afield when the good is close by?

Issue solved! ;-)