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New Hardware Product Request: Compact Audio Interface

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asked Nov 7 in General Feature / Product Requests by pauldecesare (4,520 points)

There are a large number of us now using laptops with 6 and 8 core processors (or more) to either mix in the box or compose orchestral and cinematic film scores. I can do this when I travel with a slim 32-key mini keyboard in my backpack. THE PROBLEM: audio interfaces are still huge, even the iOne is thick and has sharp edges. We need a compact audio interface with NO mic pre's, to handle all the audio. Slim and plastic is fine. USB-C cable and a 1/4" headphone jack and a headphone volume knob. Right now we only have one expensive option: Apogee Duet for $649. UGH. I know PreSonus can knock this one out of the park for a third of that price. We basically just need an iOne with no Mic inputs, to mix, master or compose with MIDI. I'm talking hotel room, on a plane, tray table, coffee shop, everywhere we do this. The mic pre is the problem, that makes the case thick. Apogee offers a breakout cable which is kind of nice I guess for those who need analog input. I say offer that as an accessory IF we want to purchase it later (but WHY, they can buy an iOne or iTwo!). Built-in audio on Macs and PCs does not cut it at ALL, expecially when mixing with a ton of plugins or composing scores with 200 tracks. We need a no-mic-jack compact AI with a headphone jack. Add Bluetooth if you want but I hate the latency, my wired studio monitors are fine, I'm used to them.

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answered Nov 10 by leonordmann (1,620 points)
Rme babyface pro? It has 2 mic pres which are completely in the chassis, but an interface without inputs won't make it far on the market I suppose.