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Smaller / compact / narrow Inserts and Sends (vertical smaller icon bars) in Console / Mixer View. As an option.

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asked Jun 10, 2021 in Look and Feel by florianfreimann (4,940 points)
edited Jun 10, 2021 by florianfreimann
Would it be possible to make the bars of each send a bit smaller vertically.
For example the insert 'Pro EQ'.
One way would be: just an option to remove the space above and below the text 'Pro EQ'.

A lot more sends and inserts would fit on screen without scrolling.

A the moment the Console already takes over half the screen with only 4 Sends.

I know I can select the smaller and narrow mixer views. But I need the overview over my Inserts.
That's one of the main reasons I use the mixer and not only the channel inspector in the arrangement window.
I know I can i/o connections and that I can resize the faders.
Anyway the console is too big vertically at the moment imo.

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