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VERY IMPORTANT upgrade mixer console

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asked Nov 29, 2019 in Look and Feel by supereastwood (1,360 points)
Mixer console should be like bitwig studio. if i place audio tracks in a group my mixer CONSOLE  should have a button to spread or CLOSE them not just make them disappear. this truly erks me.

2. impact drum plugin should automatically have expanded button on the mixer track group to expand every drum pad with a sound on it. without me have to add impact inside multi instruments to do it. the expand should be on sequencer and mixer console. impact has A- H banks meaning it should be 128 mixer tracks i can expand or close,hide or slide left to right.

the function of the mixer console is very important to me when im working on large project PLEASE ADD THIS LIKE TOMORROW


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answered Nov 30, 2019 by robertgray3 (38,700 points)
Feature requests separated into separate posts get implemented WAY faster than lists like this but whatever-

disclaimer: I don't work for Presonus or anything I just have seen feature requests get implemented quickly and slowly and these ones are too unclear to get implemented quickly, or in the way that you expect. Vague feature requests sometimes after years get implemented and because the request was vague they aren't quite what people wanted. So-

1. Can you show a picture of what you mean? I feel like you might be talking about folders in the console but I really have no idea and don't want to presume.

2. You know about the separate outputs function of Impact right? They are assignable from the drum pads in the Impact instance. Honestly a picture would help here too, it's kind of unclear what the problem is even though I know you apparently want 128 outputs on separate channels in the mixer for Impact. So.. would "more outputs" and a function to "assign each pad to a separate output" do it?

3. Auto Theme Changer option? What does that mean? It must be important because it's in all caps.