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Studio one 4.5 crashing when exiting

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asked Dec 2 in Studio One 4 by (120 points)
When I am exiting a session the program crashes ,
I have to  go to task manager and locate studio one and “end task” so the program shuts down.
I can save with no problem and I don’t lose any work,
It will close with no issues when the session is only audio ( with plugins),
I get the issue when using lots of vst’s,
The last session consisted of -
1 x spitfire audio labs VST
15 x Kontakt 6 ( full version)
I have tried deleting various VST’s to see if it’s an issue there but there doesn’t seem to be.

I am using Windows 10 (64 bit)( recent update 1903)
I7 6770HQ (260 GHz)
32 gig ram

studio one has had light use as I am finishing of projects on reaper ,but I have moved to studio one full time now.
I have to say it has me a little concerned

Thanks for your time and help, hope to hear from you soon

Paul McCarney

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