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Dummy or Empty Effects Units and Instruments

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asked Dec 25, 2019 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by anubhavukil (8,500 points)

There should be Dummy Effects and Instrument plugin.

So, what is a dummy Effects plugin? It will look like a normal effects plugin. we will be able to use it like a normal audio effects unit. When we will open it, we will be able to see the dialogue box "ADD EFFECTS UNIT".

This is solely for Template purposes.

We will be able to rename this empty Plugins. 

After renaming, if we add Effects plugin inside these Empty-Effect-Plugins, we will have two options : Either retain the name or Rename the Audio-Effects-Plugin Slot according to the added Audio-Effects-Unit.

Now same for Dummy or Empty Instruments.

Now, at this moment we can add Empty Instrument tracks in the Arrange window but we cannot see the corresponding Channel in the Console view unless we add an actual Instrument.

But with this, we will create an Instrument track, add this Empty Instrument and we will be able to see the corresponding channel, route it to a preferred bus and do all sorts of complex things without actually adding any instrument.

This is solely for better and more complex and more customizable template management. I hope people will like my idea.

This is the Empty or Dummy Effects plugin. (Above).

This is the Dummy or Empty Instrument Plugin.

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answered Dec 25, 2019 by davidgroeneveld (2,900 points)
It also creates the possibility to use them as slots, which some people want.
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answered Dec 25, 2019 by anubhavukil (8,500 points)
For the people who want slots.
Say I like to add EQ on the slot 3. Well,  I can put 2 of these Dummy or empty Audio Effects on every track/channel. Then we will add EQ.
Now later, if we decide to put something else before the EQ, we will open this empty audio effect and insert the actual audio effect we want inside this 'Empty Audio effect'.