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What could cause Channel 1 on our studiolive 16.4.2 to stop working?

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asked Jan 30, 2016 in Ai Mixers by judithprior (150 points)
The input to channel 1 has stopped working. We made sure it was not the plug in the snake, the transmitter, receiver or the mic.  It was working fine and then just stopped working.  What could cause this?

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answered Feb 25, 2016 by abrand2 (32,040 points)
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If you have gone through the basic troubleshooting ideas concerning problematic channels, including doing a Factory Rest on your mixer with the same results, you would want to read on this page how to setup repair your StudioLive unit through our repair facilities in the US or in other countries.

Factory Reset instructions for classic and AI mixers are found below:

StudioLive AI Mixer Firmware Recovery - Factory Reset

How to reset your mixer to Factory defaults - Factory Reset

StudioLive RM series Firmware Recovery - Factory Reset