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RECORDED an audio track in Studio one 4 Artist but on playback it seems nothing got written - Help Please.

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asked Jan 18 in Studio One 4 by barrymalcolm (120 points)
I am a newbie  trying to record in Studio one , using a StudioLive 32 and need some help. I  am trying to record an audio voice track- so  I created the track, set the input and output, then arm the channel and check for signal.  I am getting signal- so I press the Record Button and watch the track record - I see the track turning green as the cursor moves forward.

However, when playback it seems nothing gets recorded!  it goes through the motion of recording but nothing gets written - after recording, the track is bold green, but no audio waves are present. I AM USING  the Demo version of Studio ONE ARTIST along with Studiolive 32 using the latest Firmware; on a iMac  OS 10.15.2.  Anyone have an idea what is going on?

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answered Jan 19 by johnellard (2,940 points)
edited Jan 20 by johnellard
With the track selected, when you speak into the mic, do you see a signal bar moving up and down on the right-side of the track? If not, then your mic is not assigned to that track, or your audio interface isn't configured correctly in S1. What you got with Studiolive 32 wasn't a demo version of Artist, but the real deal. They give you the $99 program for free with a lot of their hardware.

The first thing I would look at is the Audio Setup in Studio One under Studio One menu, Studio One Preferences...

The  Keyboard shortcut is: Control , (Windows)  Command , (Mac). (press Ctrl or Command and tap the comma key)

Is your StudioLive III setup correctly in there?  Refer to:

StudioLiveā„¢ Series III Studio One DAW Control Addendum