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Buzzing on recorded audio in StudioOne (itwo/Win10) but NOT Garageband. Help!

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asked Nov 14, 2020 in AudioBox i-Series by erikhammarlund1 (120 points)
New user, new recorder, brand new device. Win1064 / i79750H / 24G Ram; just downloaded StudioOne, latest drivers.

I bought this to use w/ Garageband (directly into iphone, for my kids) and Studio One (on PC, for me.)

Garageband works fine. However when I plug into my PC and record there is a distinct buzziness to the sound recording. It exists both in audio monitoring and also in playback.

I'm at 44.1 w/ 512bit block size.  In Studio One options, dropout protection is set to "Medium."  If I turn the mixer to monitor 100% inputs the buzzing goes away, so I know the chain is clean there.  If I turn it to 100% monitor the buzzing still is there, so I know it isn't any weird artifact of time delay putting things off phase.

Any ideas?

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