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How to get sound output?

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asked Feb 1, 2016 in Studio One 3 by bill34 (120 points)
Acer TC-7605 Windoms 10 Home update KB3124262.  Realtek audio card.  Studio one's option is 'windows audio.  Using free version.  Thank you.

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answered Feb 1, 2016 by keithsplace (140 points)
I have same issue with an Acer CM5571 desktop, windows 10 with Bose Companion USB speakers, no output in Window Audio, no USB selectable which is what my SAW Studio output and all other sound devices use.
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answered Feb 1, 2016 by joni3 (790 points)
hi.. i am newbie too.. i have the same problem before. so this could be your answer or may be not. if u not using midi keyboard or something or just try this software. make sure you intsall another plugin of the software. log in to your presonus account and click your product, and click get all your content. and you will see Studio One Instruments Volume 1, Studio One Instruments Volume 2 etc, download them all and intsall. when you fnish intsalling them, run the app, click File / new song, choose create empty song. and look at the right click the piano icon (instrument). you will see some plugin icon, example you click presence and the sub menu wiill appear click keyboard and choose grand piano, and drag the preset in the mid of the screen,  than it show your instrument to play. just click all the tone on the virtual piano. it will sound. some features of the sound cant be heard with built in speakers of your laptop. u just need external speaker. and i use a pair altec lansing speaker with 3.5mm jack. but still some of the other sounds features in the plugin will not be heard too. well you know the answer for this... buy an external soundcard and a semi pro speakers / monitors to get this software sound as its sound. hope it will help.