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Feature request: Add another loop mode, between Song Start and End markers

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asked Jan 28, 2020 in Look and Feel by Dynastig (230 points)
All of us make music in different ways. Some times you'll be working on a part, that you want to loop to get everything just right - but also step away from the work area to grab a cup of coffee, etc. It would be a nice and cool feature, to right click on the loop button in transport and say "For now just loop between Start and End markers", so I can listen to the whole song, while stepping away. When I come back, I still have my loop selection set for whichever part I was working on. And could go back to looping in the loop selection.

Basically what you have in the various bounce options; Bounce in the loop, or between Start and End markers.

To my workflow, that would be tremendously helpful - I hope other SO users will agree! :)

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answered Feb 22, 2020 by aka_busker (32,890 points)

Sounds like the scratch pad function would help you here.  It looks like a funny grid in the top buttons.  You could theoretically copy the section you are working on to the scratch pad, set your loop region separately there and have the whole song looped on your song page.  

Anything worked on inside the scratch pad could then be copied back to your song. You can even have multiple scratch pads.  Using the arranger view to label song sections, you could then drag/copy the arranged parts (e.g. verse and all its instruments) into and out of your scratch pads.