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Return playback to the loop start in Atom and Faderport2.

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asked Jun 21, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by prdahlstrm (310 points)
Why does the cursor return to the last starting point instead of to the loop start as it says in the manual? Loop is activated. I would like it to work in the same way as pressing "1" on the numeric keyboard. Is there another easy way to move the cursor to the start of the loop with either Atom or Faderport? I know I can use my keyboard, but the point of the transport keys on Atom and Faderport is to not have to jump between I guess.

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answered Jul 9, 2020 by jameswest7 (3,100 points)
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Your best bet would be to assign the "Goto Loop Start" command to one of ATOM's User buttons or one of Faderport's Function buttons. This can be done using Control Link/External Devices window.

  • Open the Mix view by pressing [F3] on the computer keyboard 
  • Click on External in the Console Navigation column to the far left of the Console
  • Double-click on either ATOM or Faderport
  • Right click on the User or Function button you want to reassign
  • Click Assign Command
    • For ATOM, the User buttons are pads 1-8 when the Song Setup button is pressed
    • For Faderport, the Function buttons are assigned to Shift + Master (F1), Click (F2), Section (F3) or Marker (F4).
  • Type "Goto Loop Start" in the search bar
    • Note the spelling
  • Click the Goto Loop Start command
  • Click Ok
  • Now on ATOM, when you press Song Setup and use that corresponding User Button, you will go to the start of the loop section. Same thing when you press Shift + F1, F2 F3 or F4, depending on which button you chose to assign to.
Hope this helps!
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answered Jul 13, 2020 by prdahlstrm (310 points)
Great, thanks for your help James!