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surround with an (auto-) customizable Multichannel

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asked Feb 1, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by supremaciabla (340 points)
S1 needs to have surround with a customizable Multichannel, where the signals can be splitted with a multisplitter internaly into let`s say 6 different chains which can be routed to 6 different outputs again with an inserted infinitely-panner (+with LFO-Function) in front and the possibility of output gainstaging with a Fader for each chain, instead of getting merged internaly into one Mono or Stereo-signaloutput again (the resulting Master-Channel of this setup then automaticly would produce a 6-meters-multichannel with one masterfader in the Mixer, and an insert/send section for the root-audiofile (Mono or Stereo f.e.) + a second insert/send section for the new Multichannel outputs, for beeing able to use a 3rd Party multichannel VST as a new 5.1 Channel, where it also would be possible to integrate single VST-Slots inside the internal chain-system after the Splitter for each 5.1 bus befor it`s routed to the Output of the Main-Channel). If this would be done, then this would finally be a game changer, and Studio One does "everything and more" that other DAWs can do, but not doing Surround is still taking me to other DAWs again at the Moment when I have to produce in surround..

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answered Feb 23, 2016 by AlexTinsley (773,030 points)
Thanks for the feature request.

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