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Why does surround speaker setup work on Windows PC with Firestudio Project but not Studio 192?

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asked Jan 5 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by EdScholl1146 (140 points)
Last year I set up my studio for surround sound mixing with my Windows 10 PC, Cakewalk, and my good old Firestudio Project (FSP). It works great, both in Cakewalk for tracking and mixing, AND natively in Windows to play back 5.1 encoded video in any media player (I use VLC to test my rendered videos with surround sound). For the FSP, the sound control panel shows a Speakers icon that allows me to configure it for 5.1 output, and it works as expected, much to m my delight.

Since Windows 11 does not support the FSP, (Presonus understandable no longer signs the driver for that 20 year old interface, and Microsoft makes it all but impossible to use hardware with unsigned drivers on WIn 11 now) I wanted to upgrade to something more current that has features I want. So I picked up a perfect condition Studio 192 and began experimenting with it to be sure it would be able to do everything I was currently doing with the FSP. Well it turns out, the Studio 192 does not present Windows with the configurable Speakers icon, like the FSP did.

Has anyone else been able to get surround sound speakers configured with the Studio 192 in Windows control panel/sound settings? As an electrical engineer and software developer,  I don't mind digging into the OS and doing registry and driver config file tweaks to fool the system if need be. I see that others have had this issue with newer USB interfaces as well.

Thanks for reading..

Ed S

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