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Sample One XT query please!

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asked Feb 14, 2020 in Studio One 4 by AHIN (510 points)


I have recorded my samples in Sample One XT and then saved them as presets one by one. Later I wanted to make categories for them which I should have done before but I didn't know there will be too much clutter in terms of long list. Anyway, I found the folder in Studio One Projects and created sub folders with category names and moved presets accordingly. When I opened Sample One XT the folders were not there which I just created manually. Old listing was still there. I did everything I could to get the folders appeared in the preset list but nothing happened. Finally I deleted all my folders and got the presets back like before but some of the presets didn't load and were empty. I used replace preset only to find out it had created two presets with same name; one empty other with sample.

Now it's a big listing mess. I tried to delete the empty ones but it won't let me now. A big list of double name is there which is extremely confusing.

I hope my explanation of the issue is making sense. Can anyone help me please to rearrange or just delete everything. I am happy to rebuild from the scratch.


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