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Opening Positive Grid Bias FX2 STD in Studio One Prime

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asked Mar 8, 2020 in Studio One 4 by syedsohail (170 points)
I am Studio One Prime (activated) which came with my purchase of Positive Grid Spark Amp. I also have Bias FX2 Std installed on my computer (Window10). How can I get my BIAS connected to Studio One Prime?



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answered Jul 13, 2020 by massimopontesilli (160 points)
Hello Sohail...I think you need to get the Artist version of Studio One to be able to use 3rd party VST plugin to work in Studio One. Now it costs 100 bucks and Artist version in new 5 allows for 3rd party plugins (before with version 4 that was only possible with the PRO version (400 bucks!). I just bought that even though it does not work on my PC, I just emailed Presonus asking for help.... Grrrrrr
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answered Jul 13, 2020 by maverickhurley1 (580 points)
I was a Bias Fx2 user with Reaper that moved to Presonus.. To me paying the $15 a month for sphere and getting every piece of software and options was the best for me.