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main out channel not working

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asked Mar 10, 2020 in Studio One 4 by seungyeonhan (130 points)

I'm using Studio One Artist 4.6.1 and Mac OS Mojave

(Actually, I have tried every version of studio one artist 4)

When I play tracks in my project, Main out channel and one of FX Channels (selected randomly) don't work while other tracks work normally.

Also, peak level of main out shows '666' continuously though I click that many times.

After few minutes, it works again. But this situation have been repeated frequently.

Why it happens?

I thought that my audio interface(UH-7000) occurred it at first, but it happened equally when I used built-in audio system on my iMac.

I think plugins don't matter because it occurred even if plugins were switched to another.

Please help me. I can't continue my project.


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