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Studiolive 32sc not working with pc

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asked Mar 13, 2020 in StudioLive Series III by lukedoherty (570 points)
I have a brand new studiolive 32sc. The desk works perfectly with my house MAC, but dosnt work with my Offline Studio PC. The PC is running Windows 7 (64) updated to SP1. And I have protools 10 installed..and the latest version of capture.. I download all of the latest software for my PC on my house MAC and put everything onto a USB Drive so I could install it in the studio PC without having access to the PreSonus website. universal control seams to be working fine but...

The computer has problems with the IP Address but I can get to work sometimes.. when I try and open Capture I get an error asking me to select a device driver, but when I click any of the studiolive drivers in the list none of them work... if I open protools I get the same error message asking for a play back device. And again if I pick any of the the drivers in the drop down box I get “ pro tools cannot initialize playback device “ and have to exit.

If I bypass the payback device with a default pc diver the session will open, but if I try to set up the midi controller section with HUI I get UCNETMIDISL main and UCNETMIDI EXT1....... EXT 2 and EXT 3 don’t not show up.. I’m assuming because I have the studiolive 32 I need all 3 of the EXT 3 to be set up...... if when I set up EXT 1, the protools faders move with the faders in the desk as they should, but the transport controls don’t work, I have checked they are set to control protools and not the SD card.

Because my PC doesn’t have access to Internet I can’t look for driver updates, and don’t know what else to do.

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answered Mar 15, 2020 by lukedoherty (570 points)
Today I tried it with my laptop, it dosnt have any other software on it. I just tried it as a test to see if it was the PC or the desks software.. when I tried installing universal control I keep getting errors when the drivers were being installed.. when  the installation finished I plugged the studiolive 32sc in. It said installing device driver... then driver fail... that’s now  happened on 2 separate window 7 devices..
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answered Mar 23, 2021 by urieltrinidad (190 points)
Hi, I too would like to have information on the compatibility of studiolive 32sc on windows 7 platform. Hopefully you get yours to work... so I can purchase it, as I too am on windows 7.