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How to unlink fader from volume automation? (aka. how to still be able to use fader after automation)

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asked Mar 25, 2020 in Studio One 4 by zbigniewnowitzki (150 points)
edited Mar 25, 2020 by zbigniewnowitzki
So whenever I add volume automation to any track, that basically completely disables my fader. If I want to raise the overall volume of a track which has automation on it say 1db and move the fader up 1db, the fader instantly jumps back to the value selected by the automation (I'm in read mode).

The problem is, when I have a track with intense volume automation and I want to raise the volume by 1db, that means I'd have to click on EVERY SINGLE automation node and raise thhe volume there manually, because the fader doesn't work anymore... like, there has to be a different way, right?

(I don't wanna do this via a gain-plugin insert, I want to keep the functionality of my fader, as I can in literally any other DAW)

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