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Resize mixer in notion 6 - is this posted in feature requests as suggested by your helpdesk?

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asked Mar 28 in Notion by robertmoore31 (150 points)
Vertically resize mixer in notion 6 is in existing questions BUT there is a note from your helpdesk that "it would make a great feature request, and to also please consider posting it". So has this been done?, and is it being considered? Only reason I ask is I really like my new program but can't understand how anyone can live with a giant mixer window blocking out the score as I run and listen to it.

If you click away from the mixer to pause play or restart, it goes to background, and  it seems need to use  a separate program "deskpins" to keep it on top and  fix this.

Even then, mixers are smaller, and docked somewhere on the screen in just about all the DAWS I use, and I think it is for good reasons that would apply to notion too, since it is more than just a notation tool. Can you not change the mixer window and make some of the controls smaller, even if (and maybe this is the reason for no changes to date?) it's not so easy to  make the whole mixer control resizable instead.

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