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Old account appears not to exist

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asked Apr 6 in MyPreSonus Questions by davereynolds2 (160 points)
I own an old copy of Studio One (bought from new, so I have the 28 digit code), the original PC it was loaded on and the .licence file to allow its use. I was trying to load the software onto laptop for my son to use so he record his guitar from a Scarlett Solo but need to transfer the license. I appreciate I have to login to my account, but here is the problem. I can't log into my account and think PreSonus may have removed or deleted it. I opened a new account to raise a ticket, but they keep closing the ticket I have raised saying they don't support Studio One anymore. So I can't get support from them for accessing my account. It's a bit frustrating since my new account isn't associated with my original account and digital license, so I can't login to the old account to transfer the license. I know all the details (email, username, password, 28 digit license number) and have the digital license file but can't activate the software on the laptop.

PreSonus must have ownership details of the license because when I try and activate it on the laptop, it comes back with a "this license is registered to another user" or similar. Yes, ME! Anybody know the best way to approach PreSonus to recover the license, given that I own it?

Thanks in advance.

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answered Apr 11 by matthewgorman (51,840 points)
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Please log in to the forums, and PM me (matthewgorman). I help as a forum admin, and may be able to assist.