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Recording church audio and video

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asked Feb 9, 2016 in Studio One 3 by joshbray (120 points)

I am looking to start recording our church services for later viewing on website, Facebook, YouTube, etc. We currently use a camera with an auxiliary send from a 24.4.2 and record directly to a hard drive with no editing capabilities. We need to be able to mix levels after the initial recording but won't be able to do so until we start using the StudioOne software as far as my understanding. We currently use control panel for iPad connectivity and also have a license for the StudioOne 3 Prime. Will we be able to use this version to record and edit audio after the fact? Also, we really want to keep both video and audio files in the same program so is there a way to record the video feed into the StudioOne software as well? I know I am probably very confusing but I appreciate any help. Feel free to ask for more info because I am sure I am leaving something out. Thanks

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answered Feb 9, 2016 by FinalSaga (5,620 points)
I think in a case like this I would bring a computer with a compatible firewire card and record every track in capture - So I would have every single track seperate

Then afterwards at home, mix the music as I would in Studio One as I would like it

From there on sync it to the video again with the mixed wave file again

There are a few free video editing ones out therefor free that can do this


Hope this helps