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Do I need the plug in add on if I get studio one artist and notion 6?

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asked Apr 11 in Studio One 4 by glynnmarlow (160 points)
Hi all. I’m considering buying the Studio One Artist and Notion 6 bundle. Notion 6 says it has support for 3rd party plug ins. Does that mean I don’t need to buy the add on for Studio One?

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answered Apr 11 by Bbd (14,390 points)
edited Apr 11 by Bbd
They are two separate programs. You would not need plugin option for Studio One to run Notion. Notion 3rd party plugs would be available in Notion only.

Studio One Pro is great if you can afford it.
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answered Apr 11 by glynnmarlow (160 points)
Thanks Bbd, wasn’t sure if the two programs worked as one and shared plug in rules