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can I run Kontakt 6 In Studio One 4 Artist with the rewire and Third-Prty add on?

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asked Apr 29, 2020 in Studio One 4 by emanuelnk1 (300 points)

I am currently using the artist version of S1  and i want to use Kontakt with Studio One , the thing is , I noticed That one of the differences when comparing versions is that it says only Pro Version supports "Importing sampler formats (EXS, GigaSampler, Kontakt, SoundFont)"

my question is if I buy the third party and rewire support , will I be able to use Kontakt 

thank you.

1 Answer

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answered May 2, 2020 by vasilykorytov (11,560 points)
yeah, with the third-party addon you'll be able to use Kontakt as VSTi (which is the way most people use it)