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Multichannel recoding of Allen Heath QU-32 using Studio One 4 Prime

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asked Apr 23, 2020 in Studio One 4 by claudiothomas (120 points)
I´m using an Allen Heath QU-32 digital mixer.
I'm trying since weeks to get all 32-Channels also recorded by "Studio One 4 Prime", but I'm allways getting only the channels 1+2 IN.
I see that my I/O device has 32 channels, but I only can "route" the first 2 channels to an Input.
I've tried this on my Mac and on my Windows10 machine. On Both the same result.

Until now I used for recording a Mac Book Pro+Logic Pro X. I could record all 32-channels.
Because the recordings with my Mac is still working I assume the the configuration of the Qu32 is correct.

- Is the "Prime" Version only cappable to record 2 channels?
- Or is Qu32 not supported?
- Or is there a "step-by-step" howto to add this device to Studio One?

Best regards,

PS: I've installed the actual ASIO/WDM Driver and DAW Control from Allen Heath. My first goal is to be able to record all channels. Controlling of the mixer would later also be nice, but is not the actual ambition.

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answered Dec 15, 2020 by andrewbrown32 (140 points)
Hi, did you get this working?  I have multiple other DAWS and never had this much trouble