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Issues with USB mic and Studio One 4 Prime / Windows 10

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asked Nov 10, 2018 in Studio One 4 by billhagen (120 points)

I'm trying out Studio One 4 Prime, and want to use my FiFine 667 usb mic. This mic currently works perfectly in the Windows control panel and within Audacity. (In fact, I currently have the Windows 10 "Sound" control panel open, and can see the "test your microphone" section, and see the meter moving as I'm typing this.)

The issue: When I press "record" or "monitor" on a track, the meter on the right pegs to the top and there's a very loud buzz in the headphones or on the speakers (depending on which output I've selected). It will record if I speak, but the playback is horrendously distorted.

What I've done to try to fix it:

Audio setup: Windows Audio, "Release audio device in background" is checked, Control Panel->Recording Device - "Microphone (4- USB PnP Audio Device)" is checked (and the letters are not in italics). "Exclusive Mode" unchecked.

Song Setup: 48.0kHz / 16 bit...same as in windows 10 mic setup.

Any idea how to fix this issue?


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answered Aug 28, 2019 by halitsemir (140 points)

I've got such a problem with me
The microphone used by the USB Auna 900b
What's the solution ?