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Better drum notation !

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asked May 9, 2020 in Notion Feature Requests by franoismeilleur (1,160 points)

The drum notation is lacking big time in Notion, these are all common notation symbols for drum notation, can they be added ? Also fix the dum MIDI map, it's as if whoever wrote it knows nothing of MIDI standards...

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answered Jul 6, 2020 by hervclaret (410 points)

Having custom kit could be great. depending on pad entry, we could select which note we want (cross, square,...)

We could define different drum set (agostini, ..)

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answered Jan 30, 2021 by stephenjones1 (290 points)
Until this "gets fixed" I discovered one workaround.  It may not work for everyone because it involves purchasing a VST.

I found remapping a major headache until IK Multimedia released its MODO Drums VST plugin.  This amazing drum instrument features infinite round robins, total control over the material and even the area of the drum head you are hitting.  As someone who actually plays drums the sounds are incredible.  Anyway... here's the workaround.

Just specify the GM (General MIDI) drum map and then "customize" it at will.  What makes it super easy to map is it has a real-time MIDI input display so you can see which MIDI notes Notion is sending it.  Then you just click on the graphic picture of the drum you want Notion's Drum Kit's note to play and assign that note.  Simple. Done.  Next time just work with Notion's Drum Kit to "play" in whatever you want and then edit the part in Setup to use MODO Drums instead.  So, essentially you are just letting Notion be non-standard and then you can customize MODO Drums to play according to Notion's map.

Yeah, it's not what you are asking but it does the job.