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Better handling of folder track duplication?

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asked May 19, 2020 in Recording by rosscrawford (880 points)
I often record multiple inputs for guitar tracks - DI and 1 or more mics. I put all the tracks in a folder, and assign a bus to the folder. I often also create a group for them. So "Gtr DI 1" and "Gtr Mic 1" with be in forder "Gtr 1", output to bus "Gtr 1" and be in group "Gtr 1".

If I then duplicate the folder track to record a 2nd guitar, I'll get folder "Gtr 2" containing "Gtr DI 2" and "Gtr Mic 2", great! But they will be assigned to bus "Gtr 1" and group "Gtr 1", so I have to go and re-assign them.

I'd really love if there was an option to automatically create the new bus & group, and assign them! Maybe when I choose duplicate, it displays a dialog box where I can tick the things I want to be created?

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