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Clicking on a packed folder selects a track instead of the bus

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asked Jun 3 in Studio One 6 by LoganGabriel6731 (130 points)
Please see video here reproducing the issue:

Can someone tell me whether this behavior is expected or not?

Repro steps:

- I have a packed folder
- this packed folder has a bus
- collapse the packed folder (i.e. only the packed folder track is shown now)
- click on an individual track not in a packed folder (some other track)
- click on the packed folder

Expected: because I'm selecting the packed folder, it should automatically select the packed folder bus
Actual: it selects a random track (?) within the packed folder

This is very confusing because you think you are selecting the bus for the packed folder, when in reality you are selecting a track that isn't even being displayed.

It doesn't repro every time, but I run into this every session. This appears to be a bug.

Video reproduction:

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