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Motu m2 to ERIS E3.5BT cables I know the 1/4 inch trs cables but it says (grounded ) on the motu page?

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asked May 27, 2020 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by brenthollenbeck (120 points)

I have my ERIS E3.5BT  currently hooked up to a  soundblaster play 3 via usb and it works great. Recently bought a Motu M2 unit and wish to hook up with the balanced jacks, unfortunately don't have the correct cable/cables. 

 The motu site says this : "TRS quarter-inch analog inputs and outputs Quarter-inch analog inputs and outputs are balanced (TRS) connectors that can also accept an unbalanced plug. The outputs are DC-coupled, so they can be used for CV control output. ☛ Quarter-inch analog outputs are not cross-coupled. Therefore, when connecting them to an unbalanced input, use a TRS plug with the ring disconnected. Not floating the negative terminal will short it to the sleeve ground and cause distortion. " So i'm not quite sure what this means.

 I saw an earlier post for hooking up the speakers to the Scarlet 2i2 suggesting these cables "

Is this the right ones to use ? Two of them?

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