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Which cable do I purchase though to connect the 2i2 to the Eris 4.5? (Specifically)

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asked Jan 24 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by zacharyforchilli (170 points)
All I see anywhere is. single TRS cables. The 2i2 has both Left and Right audio out, while the Eris monitors only have a SINGLE input TRS slot! So I need to buy a dual split to a single TRS? How does one search for that?

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answered Jan 25 by pauldecesare (2,760 points)
selected Jan 25 by zacharyforchilli
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I answered yesterday exactly what to get in your first question. You need TWO TRS cables because there are Left and Right inputs on the Eris 4.5's, not ONE. Not sure what picture you are looking at but here's the back of the thing: