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Newbie - setting up a monitor mix with Studio 1824c

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asked May 28, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by neilsanscrainte (120 points)
Studio 1824c

Universal Controller v3.2.1.57667


As I understand it, mix 3/4 on the Universal Controller sends to headphone 2.  So I have a microphone in mic 1, and when I mute that in mix 3/4 I should not hear it in my headphones when I am plugged into headphone 2, right?  But I do.  In fact, toggling the fader doesn't change the volume at all, it's like Universal Controller is not working.  But when I mute the entire mix through UC, that works.  And I think the mute mic 1 did remove it from the mix 3/4 at one point, but it is sure not now.  I've tried re-initializing UC several times.  Thoughts??  Thanks!

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