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Newbie: I need help setting up Faderport 16 / D8 / 1824c: Studio One Artist doesn't list D8 or 1824c.

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asked Jul 1, 2019 in AudioBox USB by rogerprivitt (170 points)
edited Jul 2, 2019 by rogerprivitt
I successfully installed and updated the firmware for FaderPort 16. I am using Studio One Artist that I downloaded last night. It does not list the D8 or 1824c in the available devices. So, I selected USB device. FaderPort 16 is responding to Artist. I have yet to plug in any microphones to check if there is any signals from the D8 or 1824c. I am using ADAT lightpipe between the D8 and 1824c. But I get a feeling that D8 is not recognized. I downloaded Universal Control and it shows the Faderport 16 and 1824c, but not the D8.

On FaderPort 16, I can control the sliders on Channels 1-8 with Artist software. When I rotate the main dial, I can control channels 7-15. But I don't know why instead of being 8-16.

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