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Improvements for the arranger track

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asked Jun 10, 2020 in Look and Feel by androliveira3 (210 points)
The arranger track is great to keep tabs on what's happening. What I think is a small detail that can go a long way is to have the name of the section stick on the screen when you scroll past it (say, when zooming in), therefore always having the name of the current section always displayed.

It would also be very handy (though not necessary) if the software would recognize key words like "verse" and "chorus", and automatically change the color when faced repetition (say I write "verse" on the first verse of my song, and give it a yellow. When I get into the next verse and write "verse" again, it could change to yellow because it recognized the same word). Taking this to an extreme, we could have suggestion, so if I put an intro in, when I right-click the next section, I could have suggestions for common sections after an Intro, like chorus or verse. That's probably a pain in the *** to program, but it would really help us spend less time getting our session organized.

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