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Could functionality be added to trigger "Arranger Track Events" with live MIDI events and/or notation?

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asked Sep 10, 2022 in MIDI Editing by (2,790 points)

It just occurred to me that I may have entered my request in the wrong section. My request is as follows:

Could functionality be added to trigger "Arranger Track Events" with live MIDI events and/or notation? I would like the option for realtime triggering as well as triggering per preset quantization values (i.e. Bar/Beat/Note value 8th note, 16th note etc). Having this option would of course be great for a live set, but would be even better if it could be utilized to help finalize song arrangements in real time.

This feature request would ultimately allow a MIDI instrumentalist to use a dedicated MIDI instrument and/or MIDI channel, like a small second keyboard (i.e. the Acorn Masterkey 25) to direct the band, without the crowd knowing anything about what just happened! All the crowd would see is the keyboardist playing their keyboard stack!!! Keyboardists will of course love this option, as they will no longer need to fuss around with a computer keyboard for quick arrangements! Their hands will essentially never leave their instrument(s), allowing the music to flow naturally.

If functionality is extended to MIDI events, it could even be done with something as simple as a MIDI foot pedal board, whether they be MIDI organ pedals, or several sustain pedals connected in an array.

Note: This is a new iteration of my previous request ( Arranger Tracks hadn't been invented when I'd made the initial request, but I think this one may be a more likely candidate for implementation.

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answered Sep 10, 2022 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,810 points)
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That's already possible on the Show Page but also just by using Arranger Sections in the song.

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answered Sep 11, 2022 by (2,790 points)
To my knowledge, arranger tracks CANNOT currently be triggered by MIDI notation or MIDI control events. From what I understand, arranger tracks are only triggered by spacebar and/or mouse clicks. My request is add MIDI functionality to arranger tracks and possibly real-time recording of song arrangements.

Please be sure to read at least the full title of this question before responding and vote accordingly once you understand what you have read.

Thank you for your consideration!
commented Oct 27, 2022 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,810 points)
As I said, it's already possible via commands, on both Show Page and Song Page.