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Is it possible to create a 3-4 staff piano?

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asked Jun 14 in Notion by petardimov (160 points)

I've been searching for a way to add an extra staff to the standart 2-stave piano notation. Does such an option exist? It's quite common practice, especially in newer classical music - 20th century and beyond.

Thanks in advance!

2 Answers

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answered Jun 24 by rahulratnaparkhi (140 points)

Yes, It can, follow the steps below and it will be done.

  1. With either the Setup Wizard or Score Manager, add both a Piano instrument and a Blank Staff.
  2. In the Score Manager, click the Piano's expand arrow in the Name column to display the three staves.
  3. Choose a First Clef for each of the three staves.
  4. Choose the Staff tool 
  5. Choose Staff > Group and Bracket > Edit.
  6. From the popup menu at the top, ensure Piano is selected (the one you intend to change to 3-staff).
  7. From the Bottom Staff popup menu, choose [Staff 3] (or the name of the blank staff you added beneath the piano).
  8. Click OK. Although the Score Manager has two instruments, three staves are now bracketed with barlines extending through them, accurately representing a 3-staff piano throughout the document.

You will get your 3-staff piano.


Delta Exchange

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answered Jun 26 by petardimov (160 points)

Dear  rahulratnaparkhi ,
are you sure what you are saying is a PreSonus Notion 6 explanation? It seems like you are talking about Finale to me.